How to activate/configure DoubleC on your theme editor

When does the app show?

DoubleC Upsell & Cross sell will show a popup when a customer clicks the Add to cart button or Checkout button (on the Cart page) on your store.
Offer shows on cart page
The popup will show cross-selling or upselling offers when a trigger is met (according to your funnel settings)
Offer shows on Product page

How to enable the app in your theme editor

On your Shopify admin account, navigate Themes setting on Online store menu, them click Customize button to access your Shopify theme editor:
On Shopify theme editor -> Click Theme settings -> Choose App embeds -> Enable DoubleC Upsell
Don't forget to click Save to apply the setting.

How to configure functional settings of DoubleC on your theme editor?

Go to Shopify theme editor -> Click Theme settings -> Choose App embeds
Available settings and functions for custom js:
  • DcUpsellGlobalSetting.delayRedirectOnSkip = 0
  • DcUpsellGlobalSetting.delayRedirectOnCheckout = 0
  • DcUpsellGlobalSetting.maxMobileWidth = 768
  • DcUpsellGlobalSetting.onShowPopup = function(){ //Paste your code here }
  • DcUpsellGlobalSetting.onSkip = function(){ //Paste your code here }
  • DcUpsellGlobalSetting.onCheckout = function(){ //Paste your code here }

Add custom selectors

  1. 1.
    Go to Shopify theme editor
  2. 2.
    Paste your selector in Custom trigger selectors input
Example: {"page": "cart", "selector": ".class"}
Available page options: cart, product