About DoubleC Cross sell & Upsell

Why Upsell & Cross sell?

Upsell & cross-sell is popular for any eCommerce business that wants to increase revenues and engage customers better. It brings benefits for both your store and your customers:
  • You can provide additional value to customers by informing them about special offers of products that they may not already know about
  • On the other hand, this method increases the value of your customers (Average order value) which is a perfect way to meet your revenue goals.

Highlights of DoubleC Upsell & Cross sell

  • Easy setup and instant preview: 3 easy steps to create a new upsell/cross sell funnel, you can view how the offers look while setting it up.
  • Various layouts & mobile responsiveness: our app works across all themes and displays nicely on all devices (especially mobile devices)
  • Powerful design customization: You can freely customize every text, color and overall appearance of any offer.
  • Flexible upsell & cross sell: Create smart funnels on the cart page or product pages to upsell and cross sell related products, bring attractive offers to customers.